How can you use your skills to make an impact on a global scale?

I've been a first employee, an engineer, and a product professional in the tech startup world. I wanted to take these skills to do work on one of the world's biggest challenges: climate change. I've spent the last couple of years learning, taking notes, and testing product ideas.

I'm writing this book to help you get up to speed quickly.

This book is designed to help you (an engineer, entrepreneur, or aspiring climate change techie) move from "climate change is important, but what can I do?" to "I'm interested in working on this specific technology, can have an intelligent conversation about it, and know where to go next."

A book to help engineers and entrepreneurs get up to speed in the climate change sector.

by Kelsey Breseman

What to expect in this book:

Main sections:

In each energy chapter:

Energy sections covered:

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