Available for workshops and speaking opportunities on following topics:

  • JavaScript/Node on hardware technical demonstrations/talks/live coding
  • Internet of Things/Ubiquitous Computing theory and demonstrations
  • Open source project management
  • Hands-on hardware and programming workshops

Want to have me at your event? Please reach out!

Speaker bio: Kelsey Breseman is on the coordinating committee of the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, which works on keeping the United States Government accountable to environmental justice, through data practices. Formerly, she founded a climate change-focused startup, worked on consumer video drones, and led an open source project (Tessel) whose aim is to empower web developers to enter the connected-devices space (see her book, Node.JS for Embedded Devices). She has a degree in neural engineering and strong interest in speculative fiction, circus arts, and absurdly long walks.

Selected prior speaking engagements:

Selected prior workshops and hackathons: