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How can we build bridges from the digital world of the Internet to the analog world that surrounds us? By bringing accessibility to embedded components such as sensors and microcontrollers, JavaScript and Node.js might shape the world of physical computing as they did for web browsers. This practical guide shows hardware and software engineers, makers, and web developers how to talk in JavaScript with a variety of hardware platforms. Authors Patrick Mulder and Kelsey Breseman also delve into the basics of microcontrollers, single-board computers, and other hardware components.

Top Writer status on Medium is for "writers who are publishing quality content about a specific topic on a regular basis." My Energy-tagged posts on Medium explain the details of home solar arrays and contracts for better-informed consumer decision-making. Other posts in HC3 are more broad-based energy and environmental impact-focused.

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Climate Change for Changemakers

A book to help engineers and entrepreneurs get up to speed in the climate change sector.

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